Drone Pros specializes in aerial photography and cinematography for a wide range of applications. We started in 2013 as a side project for an engineering competition. The team was given the task of creating a machine that would provide thrust to lift one university textbook.

After we decided to put a camera on our machine, we instantly saw an application for this in a number of different markets including tourism, golf, industrial, construction, real estate and more.

After creating content for tons of corporations on the ground including GM, Samsung, Jaguar, HTC, Rogers and more since June 2008 we knew that it was time to take things to the sky.

In 2008 Luke DiMarco created the YouTube channel, DiMco Productions and began uploading simple tutorials on how to edit video using the Adobe Suite. Fast forward a few years later and (now) DiMco Media is an online database of tutorials, tips, unboxings and cinematic events featuring brands like LG, Ford, Sharp, Microsoft, Sony and more. All together DiMco has created over 200 high definition videos, been viewed over 10 million times worldwide, and maintains 10,000 loyal subscribers. In May 2014, the channel was featured on CBC News: The National for work it was doing with Range Rover and Maserati.

Our Aims

We strive to provide extremely high quality images for your aerial needs. Our cameras are capable of capturing stunning 4K video, and high resolution photographs from high above the ground.
We understand that most of our clients are working around deadlines, and are eager to get a look at what our drones have captured - which is why we strive to have a very quick turnaround time, and very happy clientele.
We will personally guarantee that you will be speechless when you see our aerial work come together. Photos look great on the wall at the cottage or house, and promo videos will attract visitors for years to come!

What Our Customers Think

Luke and his team are a very professional, and creative bunch of individuals. I contracted their services to create a real estate video for a farm property out in the country. Upon agreement with the buyer, he told me it was the video that brought them in.


I've worked with Luke and his team to create aerial video promotions for my real estate listings. Luke knows what he is doing and knows how to get the perfect shot, no matter what the project.


Our automotive outlet needed aerial footage of a track day at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Luke and his team worked with us all day to capture some great images that really complimented our final production. They were much cheaper, and much more practical than a full size helicopter team.