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Whether you are a real estate agent looking to really spice up your listing, or a homeowner who is interested in capturing breathtaking images of their home, cottage or property - we have the service you are looking for! We can fly close to the ground, or high in the sky (complying with FAA & TC regulations).
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Aerial imaging is by far the most effective way to showcase a beautiful location, landmark, or landscape. Our aerial helicopters can fly where conventional planes, and helicopters won't - this enables us to get the perfect, most unique shot each and every time. We can guarantee an endless stream of visitors when they see our work!
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There is no better way to capture the magnitude, size, and sheer excitement of an event than from the air. Concerts, festivals, and of course, dance parties. Get stunning video, or still images that you can share with the press, social media, and use for marketing purposes down the line.
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Stunning Aerial Images Are Only One Phone Call Away

We have access to a fleet of drones, and choppers that are capable of catering to different locations, and clientele. Our quadcopter fleet is a smaller, more agile heli that is capable of flying through forested, urban, or dense areas. It has a highly technical 3-axis gimbal on the bottom of it to keep our 4K camera completely stable for the entire shot.

Our octocopter (Doc Oc.) is an incredibly stable, and powerful helicopter that is capable of lifting a camera up to 25lbs off the ground. We fly a Canon 5D Mark III which is the same camera used to film Hawaii 5-0, and House. It can capture extremely cinematic video, super high resolution images, and can travel up to 80km/h.
A 'drone' or 'UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)' is a remote control helicopter that is capable of carrying a high definition camera to soaring altitudes and capture stunning images. The size of our helicopters enable us to fly low to the ground, navigate around objects and perform maneuvers that a traditional helicopter would not be capable of.