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Are you a realtor looking to showcase more than one property or listing? We have packages that can fit any budget and include a beautifully edited video for your marketing use.

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Concerts, festivals and expos make for great aerial opportunities. Aerial video trailers, and promotional videos provide great marketing tools to attract visitors in future years and future expos.

We are able to travel all over the world to fly over your event! Give us a call.

The applications for aerial drones are endless. From real estate development, to industrial warehouses, and orthophotographic services for geological surveys we have experts who can deliver high quality images for your every need.

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With the forestry sector constantly changing, aerial photographs and video provide excellent records and reports to get a birds eye view of growth progression, damage assessment and more.

We are able to fly high and low over trees, rivers, cliffs and more - we are able to get the shot, and the angle that other conventional methods cannot.

Car commercials can be some of the most boring 30 second television spots on the market. They show an offroad vehicle driving down a paved avenue. Wow, it can really perform. No.

Let's shoot that offroad vehicle in the middle of a field, where it belongs. Firing over rocks, and mud like it's downtown Toronto...well most streets downtown Toronto are rocks and mud anyways.

The best way to keep an eye on the progression of your project is from the air. Allow us to come in throughout your development process and take photographs from the air to show you specific production points throughout your job. We can take multiple photos each visit and deliver them in a valuable package.

Due to FAA regulations, we will not exceed a 400ft ceiling for aerial photos of real estate development. We feel that photos taken around 100-150ft are much better anyways.

If you have a feature film, or cinematic production that needs aerial shots, look no further! Our octocopter is capable of carrying a Canon 5D Mark III shooting full high definition at 30fps. This is the same camera used to shoot Hawaii 5-0 and House!

Our crew can work with you to customize the perfect shot for the time of day, location, and emotion you are working with.